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Schingoethe Center Showcases New Virtual Experiences Program

The “​Art in the Time of Coronavirus​” is the first in a new line of exhibits that will be more accessible through the Schingoethe Centers ​Virtual Experiences​ program.

The Virtual Experiences program includes remote access to guest speakers, Schingoethe hosted art events, art inspired coloring pages, and the new ​Online Exhibits​ feature.

Dr. Natasha Ritsma, ​Director of the Schingoethe Center, said, “We’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time, we just never had the time or made the time, and COVID-19 kind of forced our hand a little bit—but in a good way.”

The Online Exhibit offers a more extensive look into the works and the artists behind them, including: artist interviews, statements, videos, and a full collection of their approved submissions. For the “Art in the Time of Coronavirus” exhibit, the submissions include: photographs, ceramics, textiles, paintings, sculptures, and works on paper.

“Some people created pieces that provided warnings... some depicted the people they quarantined with who all of a sudden became their subjects or their muses, and some did meditative work,” said Dr. Ritsma.

The Schingoethe Center is planning to reopen in January barring any need for continued remote coronavirus safety precautions, but the Online Exhibit feature is planned to become a permanent part of the Schingoethe Centers services.

For Aurora University students, Dr. Ritsma said, “I’d love for you to take away the fact that we have so many alumni represented in this exhibition, and I hope that [students] stay connected to [Aurora University] so that when we do call for artists people feel comfortable to submit their work and inspire current students.”

The “Art in the Time of Coronavirus” exhibit opened in late September and will end around February of next year.

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